Shopify released 2000 Variants!

As you may know or are about to learn, Shopify released 2000 product variants in the Winter Edition. It’s super cool because now you can create up to 2000 product variants and easily manage your materials, sizes, colors, dimensions, etc. But have you ever considered the variant images? How do you plan to manage variant images of 2000 variants?

Using Shopify’s export/import CSV feature, you can easily manage your product and variant data. In just minutes, you can create all your products and their variants. But still, there is a huge showstopper: Product Images!

Uploading product images manually can take days or weeks. Even if you get your images from a provider with CDN links, you still need to put them into CSV in the correct order. You can select and upload multiple images from your computer, but you must still manage their order and upload each product or variant separately. So, it’s not an easy job to handle in minutes or even hours; you will spend at least days going live and selling your products!

At that point, there is a lifesaver app!!!

CS — Smart Bulk Image Upload app

The app helps customers bulk upload all of their product & variant images in minutes.

The app works with image names and product or variant SKUs & Barcodes. It matches image names with SKUs or barcodes and uploads them to your Shopify store in minutes.

For details, see the following blog post: “How to use Smart Bulk Image Upload app and bulk upload product images.”

OK, now we know how to upload all the product images in bulk successfully, but what about the uploaded images? What if we need to download product images onto our computer?

Having all product images on our computer or Google Drive is essential for marketing, migration, or a well-organized backup. This will give us the power to re-use our product images on our marketing posts and different marketplaces and manage product & variant backup. Another cool app automates this process as well!

CS — Export Product Images app

The app allows users to export their product images in bulk. You can export all of your product images, or according to filters like vendor, status, collection, and date, you can easily filter products and export only needed images.

Please find the detailed blog post as below;

This process should also be automated because managing all these processes manually will steal our valuable time. As much as we can handle these jobs in an automated flow, we can focus our main duties more.

Our Shopify Apps

You can install our apps on from the Shopify App Store

Smart Bulk Image Upload

Bulk upload product images from Google Drive & save time!

Smart Bulk Delete Products

Bulk delete products or product images by selected criteria

Delete Duplicate Products

Delete duplicate products & variants by SKU, title, or barcode

CS – Export Product Images

Bulk export product images by vendor, collection or status

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